January 11, 2018

3 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

Start your day right

The title might sound ridiculous to a long time night owl, but please hear us out first before finally deciding to continue your hunt at night. Sure, working out later in the evening is easier for most of us than waking up at the crack of the dawn, but the benefits are absolutely noncomparable at all, with morning routine winning every aspect of health.
Check out these strong reasons why you need to reschedule your workout time to morning.

1. Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is a tricky thing to understand and a lot harder to control. Undeniably, metabolism rate will go down as you get older, that is just how things work. Fortunately for you, there’s more to it than just that. Depending on how active your lifestyle is, you can regulate it to be better.

Morning workouts are the best advice you can get if your target is to get your metabolism running a little bit higher. This is because when you start your energy consumption early, your body can continue to burn more throughout the whole day. You have a day ahead full of activities that require more energy so when you eat for the day, your food became the source of energy instead of getting stored for later in the form of fat.

2. Removes Disruption

How many times did you cancel your evening gym this month because of “other more pressing events” such as birthday parties, football matches or the last minute yum cha sesh? Well, that’s the thing with evening sessions, they often got canceled due to other items in your life especially the social events.

We can’t argue that a social life is important in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, otherwise, where will your support system come from, right? But it still sucks that you need to let go the gym session so very often for family and friends. Morning workouts will never get canceled or get in the way with your life so you can keep consistent with your performance.

3. Sleep Better

Studies have shown that people who wake up early for workouts get better sleep than the one who chose to get their exercise later during the day. One of the possible reason for that is simply because your body has been properly tired out by the end of the day due to an early morning energy burn. Compare it with evening workouts which probably finished at 9 pm, for example, you’ll typically feel more energized for a few hours.

For most of us, we tend to be more alert after a round of exercising, therefore making falling asleep a much harder task to accomplish. If you have always had trouble falling and staying asleep, maybe this was the reason why. It’s a sign to rearrange your gym schedule.

If you’re still not convinced, how about checking out some morning riser tips. Might do you some good.