January 11, 2018

6 Tips For Waking Up Early

The owls catches some sleep but early birds catches the worm

Let us warn you, the beginning is not gonna be easy and faaaarr from being mundane but we promise, it’s going to be worth it and (sort of)great.

1. Decide Your Goal

First of all, decide on a goal – the one true reason why you need to wake up early. Is it for health, a little bit of extra time to prepare for the day or simply because you want to retire from the owl life. Decide now, cause without that strong goal in mind, you might as well just abort the mission altogether.

2. Control Your Mind

The goal is clear and now we move on to the execution part. The first step out of the (right side of the) bed is going to be hard. So, the moment you realize you’ve woken up, remind yourself of the goal, repeat it again and again if you must and then take that first hop out of the bed right away. Don’t take too long, otherwise, your mind will start convincing you to stay in bed.

3. Create Motivation

As humans, we sometimes excel when tangible attraction and motivation is present. Fuel your extrinsic motivation by preparing a reward for yourself when you manage to get up early. Prepare a wholesome breakfast the night before so you have something to look forward to when you wake up. Then raise the challenge from simply waking up early to waking up early three consecutive days and so on. This should work wonder for even the most stubborn owl.

4. Do Not Hit The Snooze Button

We know the creator of the snooze button means well, but he or she needs to be alerted that the once angelic creation has turned into a monster and is currently plotting world domination. So we’d say let’s defeat this evil monster together by never hitting the snooze button, ever. What say you?

5. Remove Distractions

Spending time on your smartphone or binge-watching series on Netflix can deter you from a good night sleep. The blue lights coming from your digital devices tricks you into thinking it is still daytime so your brain and body continue to be active even when you’re trying to sleep. Avoid or limit doing mindless scrolling on digital devices to ensure waking up early the next morning.

6. Get to Bed Early

Quite an obvious tips, but how many of us are capable of really committing to it. Sleeping early sometimes are not a matter of choice nowadays. Could be because the never-ending chores or you’ve got a sleeping problem. If the latter is your concern, try to wind down earlier than you usually would and put your mind at ease with some light reading. In time your body will eventually adjust to the new timetable and sleeping early would be next to normal to you.