6 Reasons to Start Working Out Today

In the midst of your chaotic life; between having fun and doing homework, between shopping and working extra hours, you are probably wondering when and why would you ever need to exercise. Life is already so busy as it is! Before you start shoving your schedule to do something that just ‘seems’ healthy and lose […]

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Fast Healthy Breakfast For Busy Mornings

Making breakfast dash-ing Rushed morning is not a strong enough reason to skip breakfast or going for an unhealthy breakfast. We get it, it is kind of easy to grab a packet of nasi lemak from that stall nearby, but healthy breakfast is not hard either. – only if you knew which to choose. Here […]

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5 Super Exercise That Burns Lots of Calories Super Fast

Dropping some weight loss knowledge for the benefit of human race Let’s skip the small talk, you’ve waited for far too long. These are the super exercise that’ll work fast and hard on those stubborn fats. 1. Lunges Lunging is a high-intensity exercise and it is capable to burn a lot of calories. Depending on […]

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Consider This Before Choosing an Outdoor Running Route

Create the best running experience you’ll ever have FYI, running outside is 100 percent more awesome than running indoors, on the treadmill. Instead of staring at yourself in the mirror and breathing in sweaty odor, you get to see vast blue ocean or green shrubberies and breathe in fresh, cool air on your run. You […]

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Improve Life Quality With Running

Starting point Some of us only realize that they need to improve they life when it has already taken a downturn. We can’t show you how to improve your whole life but we can suggest on a way to make it better; which is Running. Check out the benefits of running to further convince you […]

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