January 12, 2018

Ditch The Liquid Calories

Put an end to liquid calories, once and for all.

Strictly speaking, if your plan is to lose weight you should ease up on the liquid calories. Liquid calories in all its form – be it tea, coffee, juice or soda tend to be undetected and yet have an enormous impact on your weight.

Here’s why you should consider before taking that big gulp of juice or soda.

1. Towards Healthy Eating

The old ways of losing weights or staying healthy were to eat less, and the civilization figured out much later that this was actually the wrong way of doing it. We now no longer need to curb your appetite, instead, we just reshuffled everything towards healthy eating. Therefore taking in liquid calories like soda seems like a backward approach to healthy eating and trust us, it won’t help with losing that extra pounds.

2. Consuming More Calories

Ordering a drink to accompany your dinner? A cup of hot Mocha, for example, contained between 200 to 450 calories which is almost the same calories count for a serving of a grilled chicken. Pair these two together, and you’ll end up with a big fraction of daily caloric intake. Unless you want to skip a healthy serving of chicken salad or chicken grill for dinner, we’d say put that drinks away.

3. Where is the Satisfaction

Eating for the energy and nutrients counts are as important as feeling satisfied after each meal. A lot of people who have been trying to lose weight has not considered eating satisfaction as a factor and would mindlessly be skipping dinner and chugging drinks instead. Replacing calories from food with calories from liquid won’t satisfy your appetite for food. This failure to feel satisfied will result in consuming more calories from food or drinks and worse, could lead you to binge eating.

4. Makes You Even Hungrier

You’ve taken in of 400 calories, that should put your hunger at bay, right? Sadly, the answer is no, especially if the calories come from sugary drinks and soda.

Drinks are easily processed by your body and this can increase your blood sugar level which in turn makes your body produce more insulin. When there’s too much insulin in your body, your blood sugar will drop and that is when the hunger pangs started to attack you. So the next time you want to grab those energy drinks loaded with calories, remember this: Rapid blood sugar spike from those will make you grab even more food.