January 12, 2018

How to Make Time for Workouts

Too busy to workout? Nahhhh that’s an old excuse.

The most common excuse for not working out happens to be due to lack of time. You might say, with work, house chores and social life, who has the time to strap on the running shoes or went down to the gym. But then, no matter how busy you are, we can assure you that there will always be enough time for some exercise if you only knew where to find them.

Make Plan

First of all, in order to make some time, you need to have a plan because If you don’t plan, you’re definitely planning to fail. Seriously, nothing can ever happen if you don’t take the proactive steps towards planning, whether it’s for your life or for your exercise time.

In order to schedule a fitness time in your busy life, first, try to identify how much time you waste doing unproductive stuff. Decide whether you should be eliminating them or decreasing the time spent. Use that extra time you find after restructuring your everyday schedule to get some exercise done.

Digital Device Usage

According to Decoding the Malaysian digital DNA: From Smart to Savvy’s surveys, Malaysians on average spend almost 14 hours per day on digital devices, and a huge fraction of this goes to the usage of smartphone and tablets. Therefore, just take out 5 minutes of your digital device time and you can get a decent time for simple exercises.

Applicable not only for smartphones, if you’re watching tv, make the most of the commercial break time to get a few reps of sit ups and push ups done.

Money Motivation

Sign up for paid fitness classes or sessions with a personal trainer. Drop some more moolah on sports events that requires training. When money is being put on the line, more often than not, a lot of us will hesitate more before canceling. Knowing you’ll waste your hard earn money when you don’t show up for prepaid fitness sessions is enough motivation to get up and exercise. Now, who said you money can’t buy you motivation?

Walking Exercise

Haven’t you heard? Walking is a form of exercise too, albeit a pretty light one. Due to it’s fun, easy and fast results (and also efficient marketing strategy from companies selling hi-tech pedometer), counting steps per day has become the craze of all fitness junkie. You can easily do it too, for example by leaving your car and taking public transportations instead. This shall force you to walk more no matter how busy you are.