April 6, 2018

Get Fit For Free

Why pay when you can get it for free?

As a true Malaysian, we share one common devotion: getting stuff for cheap or free. We wish every aspect of our life can be improved without paying a sen, including the most important thing in life which is health.

To celebrate that, we’ve compiled few ways you can get healthy and fit without sacrificing your onion-filled-wallet.

1. Youtube

Work out comfortably at home with the guide of gazillion number of workout video from the site. From beginners to advanced, professional to quirky, just about any type you want. Undeniably the cheapest way to get fit. Don’t have money for internet? Use free wifi at cafe or restaurant and download a bunch of videos for later. Settle!

Con: Don’t have money for internet?

2. Internet Fitness Programs

We’re not kidding, there are actually a ton of free fitness programs and super detailed fitness guide posted on the net. All these magical guides can be found if you care to carefully scour the wonderful thing called the internet. For a start you can try googling them, then hit up all the fitness blogs and sites.

Con: Will spend more time on the net than exercising.

3. Trial Gym Membership

Seriously, this one can save you months of gym membership IF you’re willing and passionate about saving that extra ringgit. Trial pass varies depending on the gyms, some even offer 3 days free all access. Depends on your needs, that could cover a month of gym activities already! Although their purpose is to introduce you to their gym and rope you into subscribing, so certainly won’t hurt to try. Who knows you’ll fell in love with one of the gyms and end up paying for their membership?
Con: Limited gym offers and unsustainable.

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4. Take Part in Sports Events’ Free Training

Yes, there exist this remarkable trend; created by events organizers called Events’ FREE Training. In conjunction with the sports events they’re organizing, organizers (& sponsors) will throw in one or two training classes to hype up the event. Events that are usually offering these are running events and obstacles race. Fret not, they are usually open to everyone; meaning you don’t have to be registered to the event to attend the free training. Sweet!
Con: Seldom happens and depends too much on the frequency of events.

5. Outdoor Gym

A much more sustainable way of free fitness life (but less exciting). Visit the outdoor public gym. Nah, not the kiddy playground. The equipment there isn’t built to stand adults’ weight, and you’ll most certainly be breaking law if you try hanging on their monkey bar. We’re talking about the workout instrument placed opposite that kid playground, that’s the one. Most even throw in the pebbles/acupuncture path too, Score!

Cons: Too dependant on the weather; can’t work out if it’s raining.

What more are you waiting for? Chop, chop let’s get fit for freeeeeee.