April 16, 2018

Leave the Couch Potato State

Is this you?
Time to leave that life behind.

Where to start
If you’re a person who has never work out your entire life, starting your fitness journey can be overwhelming. Assuming you’re pumped up to change, we share with you some tips to make the transition from couch potato to fit geek a little bit smoother and perpetual.

1. Set Goal

We find it useful if you do not know where to begin, start with drafting your goal and work from there. Figure out the reason(s) you want to embark and stay in the newly found fitness journey. Superficial reasons can get you started but it won’t be able to make you commit in the long run. Therefore, we suggest a genuine reason you’re passionate about.

2. Visualize Yourself

Visualizing helps. Picture yourself victoriously sweating because you’re able to do something good for yourself and for your health. If even that can’t convince you, how about imagining yourself achieving the goals you set to achieve.

3. Start slowly

Rule number one, don’t push yourself too hard on your first day. It’s advisable to start slowly and gradually. This is important in order to minimize injury which will allow you to continue staying active for the long run.

4. Quality Versus Quantity

It is understandable if you can’t do a lot of reps on your first day. Don’t feel demotivated, it is normal for people who are unfit or just starting their fitness journey. What you need to know is, you need to build stamina if you aspire to be fit one day.

5. Push Yourself

Sounds contradicting with the earlier one, but hear us out first. After working out for a while, say 4 5 weeks, it’s time to branch out and explore. This is the time to learn when to slows down or speed up and push yourself a little bit more than your limit. Or at least what you think was your limit.

6. Motivate yourself

Keep yourself motivated by joining activities that interest you. Though the key to this is opening up and trying out all options available. Running, martial arts, rock climbing or skating; register for their trial classes and activities. Eventually, you’ll find the one that you like and passionate and is able to decide to commit.