February 22, 2018

How To Make Coffee Jitters Stops

Having too much of anything is never a good idea and in the situation with morning coffees, it’s a bit tricky to know when you’ve had had too much of it.

Despite consuming the same amount of coffee every day, the effect may vary from day to day. Someday it’s a great pick-me-up, other days it makes you anxious and jittery.

When those anxious feeling came and your hands started to shake, that’s when you regret having a cuppa more than you should. Though no research has been done on ways to remove those jitters, we can tell you for certain that drinking lots of water and eating one or two bananas won’t help it either.

The only known way to probably remove the jitters you get from coffee is by Physical Exercising.

Why? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Simply put, drinking too much coffee triggers your body to release a rather high amount of adrenaline. one of the functions of this hormone is to regulate your heart beats, therefore, high adrenaline equals to quicker heartbeats, generally. That’s why you end up feeling anxious and jittery.

So, to relieve the jittery, one must relieve the high level of adrenaline and physical exercise helps do that like wonders. It won’t, however, helps with the caffeine breakdown, only on lowering the adrenaline level. But hey, you’ll still are going to feel calmer after that.

So yeah, maybe give physical exercise a go when you feel that jitters kicking in next time!

Disclaimer: Probably is the keyword here though, can’t guarantee anything cause it depends on your body and conditions, you know. Try the tips at your own risk.