January 11, 2018

Improve Life Quality With Running

Starting point

Some of us only realize that they need to improve they life when it has already taken a downturn. We can’t show you how to improve your whole life but we can suggest on a way to make it better; which is Running. Check out the benefits of running to further convince you to hop on the bandwagon.

If you’ve never run and are never interested in running, we are not gonna lie, it is going to be hard. But if you follow these running tips for newbies, your running experience can turn more awesome (though maybe still remains hard).

Running trail

Wherever you live, you will always have a running trail that you can customize to your needs. Customizing means you choose the distance, inclination and other factors of the trail based on your running capabilities. Here are what to consider in choosing your running trails:

    1. Make sure it is not crowded or rush hour time
    2. Check the terrain of your trail
    3. Local park or complex can improve your running experience
    4. Early morning or evening are some great time to run
    5. Plan the track and consider the length
    6. Inclination on the running trail
    7. The safety of the trail.

Or check out how these running trail selection may help you in the long run.


This wouldn’t be our best choice, but it is among the easiest ones there is. If you live in an apartment and in the middle of the city with little or no time in your hand, running on a treadmill is a more feasible way to do it. You can get it done indoors and you are also protected from air pollution. Not to mention you can also control the inclination and speed of running depending on your fitness level and need.

Solidifying Your Determination

To be able to do something you have no interest in before does need a proper determination. A better life does not come if you don’t work hard for it; you need to really put an effort to make it happen. It helps to just focus on the benefits in the long run. It will be impossible if you expect sudden and immediate results; after all, you’ve been living sedentary for a very long time.

Remember, immediate results are temporary and good performance can only be maintained if running is done regularly. Super plus point, on days that you run long enough to elevate your heart rate and sweat like crazy, you are most likely to sleep better compared to the usual day. About 2 to 3 hours after working out, your concentration level is also increased.

Start today!

Don’t procrastinate. All it does is preventing you from ever taking the first step of improving your life quality. The way to a better life is always there and free (unless you don’t own a pair of sports shoes).