May 15, 2018

Secrets Behind Mud Trail at Mad Warriors Sprint 2018

This year, Mad Warrior Sprint added more obstacles in addition to an already obstacles-packed 5km run. And without a doubt, the Muddy Trail takes the cake as one of the most challenging obstacles in the Sprint 2018; even though it covers only 60 to 70 meters which was a little over 1% of the whole distance.

It feels longer, does it?
That’s because you’re in it. Scientists have found that that part of Putrajaya stretches even longer when you’re traveling in them. jk 😉

Jokes aside, we feel you, especially the Race Directors. They totally get you. They’ve thought it through so much before including the Mud Trail in the Sprint. Because a lot of Warriors loveeee the obstacles too much, we decided to share with you the reasons for making you walk through the Mud Trail in the last Mad Warrior Sprint.

1. Challenge Participants’ Limit

The main reason for including the Mud Trail is to challenge participants’ limit. As you might already know, as part of the Mad Tour 2018, participants are encouraged to go Beyond the Limit. You might think you’ve reached the limit but unless you try better than your very best you might never know if that’s as far as you can go. The Mud Trail forces you to give your all so you can escape at the end of the trail.

“Challenge your limit, don’t limit your challenges”

2. A Reminder of Choices and Consequences

At the end of the race, we heard most mud-covered runners ask:

“What is the right way to get through it?”

Well, runners, there is simply no right or wrong way to do it. Anything goes which includes walking, dragging your feet, backstroke, run super-fast until you look like you’re walking on water, anything. Essentially you know you only got two choices, either do it the hard way or the harder way. Just like life, you got to make your choice and continue living with the consequences; and in this case the muddy underpants. Therefore the Mud Trail is being put there by race directors as the reminder of life choices. #deep

3. Life-changing experience

Is it too far-fetched of our race directors to hope that participant may be able to experience a life-changing moment at the harrowing mud trail? Maybe, but as the saying goes,

Don’t let anything get in the way.

Nothing should stand in the way of your success in life or in an obstacle run. As much as we hope that the obstacle can be a turning point in your life (due to its unyielding challenge at every step of the way) only you can actually make and let that happen.

Till then the Mud Trail will wait for you and acts accordingly as the catalyst of your run towards success in your next Mad Warrior!