Weight Loss is NOT a Sign of Healthy Diet

Undoubtedly, a lot of us would pay hundreds of dollars for various counseling, diet plan with the goal of losing weight. True, proportional body size that looks good in almost any outfit is dreamt by both women and men, and for various reasons, many are so determined to the point of being obsessed with losing […]

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Ditch The Liquid Calories

Put an end to liquid calories, once and for all. Strictly speaking, if your plan is to lose weight you should ease up on the liquid calories. Liquid calories in all its form – be it tea, coffee, juice or soda tend to be undetected and yet have an enormous impact on your weight. Here’s […]

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The Happy Meal for Your Workout

No matter what kind of workouts we all do, food and nutrients are an important part of deciding whether our efforts will be successful. And here we will be helping you with what you should have to complement the purpose of your workout. A little bit of info about this guide is that we don’t […]

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Fast Healthy Breakfast For Busy Mornings

Making breakfast dash-ing Rushed morning is not a strong enough reason to skip breakfast or going for an unhealthy breakfast. We get it, it is kind of easy to grab a packet of nasi lemak from that stall nearby, but healthy breakfast is not hard either. – only if you knew which to choose. Here […]

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