January 12, 2018

Weight Loss is NOT a Sign of Healthy Diet

Undoubtedly, a lot of us would pay hundreds of dollars for various counseling, diet plan with the goal of losing weight. True, proportional body size that looks good in almost any outfit is dreamt by both women and men, and for various reasons, many are so determined to the point of being obsessed with losing weight.

Although most diets promote weight loss as their main benefit, please note that this does not necessarily mean you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

Signs of illnesses

Losing weight might be a sign of illnesses and not just the effect of your newly found diet plan. There are actually tons of illnesses and disorders that are related to weight loss, but to start, we’d like to emphasize the three most common and quite deadly results of unhealthy diet plan.

1. Anorexia and Bulimia

Probably the most well-known illness by people who are fond of fad dieting or the modeling world. With more than half of its patients are female, anorexia and bulimia are the epidemics to those who desperately dream of a better body. Patients tend to be obsessed with their weight, diet and ends up isolating themselves from others. It is also followed by excessive fear on their physical appearance and strive to do anything to lose weight because it’s commonly related to looking ‘prettier’ or better.

2. Gastritis

Holding your hunger back by drinking gallons of water and consuming little to no calories can lead to painful gastritis. Acute gastritis prevents you from even enjoying any food you are eating. People who ignore this and occasionally let their gastritis relapse will experience the severe, throbbing pain and this may lead to complication and death.

Often, people came up with extreme measures in reducing weight, such as by fasting, eating way below normal amount of required nutrition and calories, a strict eating schedule that promotes skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner, so on and so forth. Gastritis is the biggest problems many dieters face and the cause is empty stomach which is filled with gastric acid which slowly hurts your stomach and causes bleeding.

3. Tuberculosis

If you’ve seen Tuberculosis patients before, losing weight will become a scary reminder that something else in your body is sucking the life out of you. It’s a type of a lifestyle disease that needs years of medication and observation to ensure complete recovery. There can be many other symptoms that come together with this, with continuous coughing the most common one.

One may think that skipping meals because oversleeping is a safe choice in order to lose weight and does not need any other extra effort. However, this kind of diet is highly dangerous. Doctors around the world who treated such people every day explain that virus might be the reason you’re losing weight.

The Right Diet

Proportional body is a great motivator and a confidence builder, however, this should be considered as a bonus, not your sole purpose. Weight loss should come due to healthy meal plan of high nutrition and fiber. Added with regular exercises, weight loss is almost a given. On top of that, you enjoy an overall better, healthier life with a proportional body. Therefore, just stick to the healthy way of losing weight in order to avoid unnecessary illness.