March 28, 2018

Why You Gotta Warm Up Before Exercise?

We don’t know who’s the first to suggest doing warm-ups before exercising but let us tell you something, that person deserves a huuuge Nobel prize. Have he or she not suggested that humankind would have all suffered from muscle sprain, injuries, and everything.

Uhm, maybe that’s a bit of overstatement (is it really?), but you get where we’re going with this, right?

Warming up before exercise is not an option, it is MANDATORY.

Gone are the days that we talk about the undemanding benefits you can get, we’re focusing all our energy on the amount of injury you could have avoided and how advantageous it is to your health. Let’s have a look at the prime justification why warming up is so vital.


By doing warm up, you are essentially preparing your heart for the incoming hard activity. This shall ensure an efficient transition from lower to higher heart rate.


Loosen them joints slowly during the warm-up session for a better workout. During warm-up, prepare your joint by doing the easier version of the workouts you’re going to do. It may save you from overworking super stiff joints and risking injury.


Don’t exercising right after waking up sound absurd to you? It does sound absurd because duh IT IS! Though your physical may be able to take the abrupt work, your mental need preparation in order to get in the ‘zone’.


Exercising without the risk of getting injured should always be a priority, and warm up session may help you achieve that.


Compared when you work out without warming up(please don’t try it though), you best believe the quality of your exercise would be better if you chose to warm up first.


Motivation to workout is hard to find. We all sometimes feel sluggish even after arriving at the gym. Boost your mood and motivation by doing a bit of light warm up, in time your mood shall improve and you’ll feel ready to go.